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Wed, Nov. 2nd, 2005, 04:28 pm

(Started this post on the 2nd.....finishing on the 7th)

Well, after one of our vehicles was vandalized and the other hit, we decided it's time to move.

What happened you ask?!

Chevy Tahoe - keyed down both sides and came along with a lovely message "you suck"
Chevy Silverado - someone hit the driver side at the end. Nothing major....still BAD!

Maybe we're just asking for it by having 2 large vehicles? No, I think not.

So, I made a list of 3 places that I wanted to see and we set out today. The first place was instant love. The back yard is huge (room for Jaylin to run) and the yard is gorgeous. This sold us instantly!

There are 3 trees in the backyard: apple, plum & peach. BUT, they are still small. So I shouldn't have a major problem with my phobia (caterpillars) crawling around on them.

We went and looked at another house on my list in the neighborhood while the owner drove up to the area to unlock the storm door.

OMG! BOOOO! Horrible horrible horrible! I can't even begin to describe the extreme BLAH of the carpet and the walls were mint green.

The basement was completely finished and awesome...except for the little problem. MOLD! It was starting to grow up one wall. NO WAY!

So we headed back to the other house. The owner showed up about 15 minutes later.

I can't begin to describe it. But, the basic list:

3 bedrooms (master is HUGE...could be 2 rooms)
2 1/2 baths (master has a soaking tub & separate shower)
2 fireplaces (one in the front room & one in the dining room)
large kitchen
A loft looking down on the sitting room

Well, that's the basics. I'll post pics soon.

Thursday I paid the deposit and the app. fee. Saturday we signed the lease and paid the first months rent. $1800....not bad for the area.

Here's a pic of the outside for now.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Well, we move in this Friday. EEEEE! So excited...and yet not. I hate moving.