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Mon, Apr. 24th, 2006, 01:21 pm
Go me!

As of April 7, 2006 I have not had a single cigarette. YAY! I did it cold turkey. Really not to hard considering I'm pregnant, suffering from morning sickness and really can't stomach one anyway.

I was tested this weekend though. Romeo (my brother), Bri and baby Romeo came to visit. They both smoke and were not helpful at all. They kept offering me cigs and seeing them smoke was driving me nuts. But I must say, now that I've quit, I could really smell the smoke on them. It made me sick. Steve said I never smelled like smoke. I think that's do to the fact that I hated smoke coming toward me so I always smoked in a special way.

It does get hard at times like right after a big meal. That's the worst. Oh well, so far so good!

Friday Steve & Romeo got very very drunk. It was quite boring for myself and Bri though. Two prego women around 2 drunk men is sooo dull. Well, one thing led to another and my brother ended up with a mohawk. Nothing good ever happens after 2am. HAHA!

We went to DC for a little while and snapped a few photos. It was exactly beautiful out so we went home. I did find some killer parking directly in front of the Washington Monument. SWEEEET!